Based on 2010–12 surveys from the Centers for Disease Control, 52.5 million (22.7%) of adults reported that they have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. Almost 10% of adults reported that their activity is limited by pain and stiffness due to arthritic. The future forecast shows those figures will only rise: with 67 million adults (25%) being diagnosed by the year 2030; perhaps 25 million reporting arthritis-attributable activity limitations.

Even common daily activities can be difficult for arthritis sufferers: standing up from a seated position or bending to pick up something from the floor. Walking, climbing stairs, even grasping small objects like a fork or a pencil—all can be challenging and painful. An aging population means more people with joint disabilities and poorer quality of life.

Physical exercise, stretching and weight loss have all been shown to benefit arthritic joints. But we are increasingly turning away from pain medication to time-tested remedies to ease inflammation or prevent degeneration in the first place.

MoveRite combines medicines from Chinese and Ayervedic traditions working together to promote joint health and relieve inflammation—for improved mobility to stay active longer.