Green Med: The 100% Natural Blends of Ancient Eastern Medicine and Modern Western Medicine

Green Med is a venture that came into being due to the interest of two medical professionals, with one being an expert in Western medicine while the other plying their trade in Eastern medicine. The two founders of Green Med are Dr. Arnold Sin and LAc. Carol Yang, both licensed professionals in their specific fields.

Dr. Arnold Sin is a licensed MD who has been practicing Emergency Medicine in Southern California for over 30 years. Dr. Sin knows everything there is to know in the world of Western medicine and brings his knowledge and expertise to make one half of Green Med’s claim of 100% natural blend of Eastern and Western medicine come true.

LAc. Carol Yang has been acquainted with Dr. Sin for many years and happens to be his wife’s school mate and best friend. She used to be stock broker in Beverly Hills, CA until the stress of the job made her more conscious about her health. Carol began studying ways to improve her health and quickly got her acupuncture license. She has since been trying to help others with their health and provides the Eastern expertise for Green Med’s day to day operations.

Together, Carol and Dr. Sin can bring the people health products and services that are a 100% natural blend of both Eastern and Western medicine. It’s not just the practices that are combined in Green Med’s operations, recipes and medicines are combined to give something new as well. By mixing ancient recipes from Eastern medicine with the modern knowledge and comprehensiveness provided by Western medicine, Green Med can bring you products that are far more helpful and better than anything you might find elsewhere.

With a 100% focus towards utilizing natural products, Green Med uses ancient Chinese, Ayurvedic, and other Eastern recipes to optimize existing Western medicine. Green Med is thus able to remove a number of the side effects commonly found in Western medicine, giving you superior product efficacy and medicine that stands the test of time.

Dr. Arnold Y Sin, MD, is an Emergency Medicine specialist in Colton, California., having over 32 years of diverse experience, especially in Emergency Medicine. Dr. Arnold Sin, MD is a board certified emergency medicine physician. Arrow Head Regional Medical Center, Emergency Medicine

Accredited by: American Board of Emergency Medicine*

Carol J Yang LAc. – Licensed Acupuncturist, Master’s of Oriental Medicine. Specialized in TCM, and herbalism, holistic medicine.

Due to our co-founder’s medical background, it’s natural that the philosophy of our company culture tends to be the combination of Eastern and Western Medicine.