Welcome to the World Of Green Med

Green Med is a Blend of Plant-based Eastern Medicine and Modern Western Medicine

Green Med is a joint venture that Carol and her long time friend Dr. Arnold Sin  started together. Their expertise and passion for traditional and modern medicine inspired them to create a blend of these two types of healing properties. Together they have incorporated the best of both worlds to create 100% plant-based solutions. 

Meet the Co-Founders

Hi, my name is Carol.

I used to be a stockbroker in Beverly Hills, CA until the stress of the job made me reevaluate my overall health. I started becoming more conscious of the effects of stress and the things I put in my body. I then began to study ways to improve my health and quickly got my acupuncture license after that. Since then I’ve taken the mission of improving my health to others, and have made this happen through my expertise and knowledge of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

What level of expertise does Arnold have? Dr. Arnold Sin is a licensed MD who has been practicing Emergency Medicine in Southern California for over 32 years. He has diverse experience and is board certified in emergency medicine. Dr. Sin knows everything there is to know in the world of Western medicine and brings his knowledge and expertise to ensure efficacy in our supplements.

Dr. Sin and I provide people solutions for their health issues through our 100% natural supplements. We have blended our practices and resources to create our product.  By mixing ancient natural remedies from Eastern medicine with knowledge of how to formulate the compound from modern medicine, Green Med’s unique and effective way of formulating natural medicine from the earth will help to improve your health like no other.

Besides the obvious benefits our supplements offer we are proud to say they are:

  • Non-GMO

  • Gluten-Free

  • Soy Free

  • Shelf-stable

  • Vegan

  • C GMP

Because we focus on utilizing natural products, Green Med uses ancient Chinese, Ayurveda, and other Eastern recipes to optimize existing Western medicine. Green Med is thus able to remove a number of the side effects commonly found in modern Western medicine. Consequently, our product delivers efficacy and time tested improvements.