What People Say About Us

I am a licensed acupuncturist in California and have a clinic with more than 100 patients weekly, but some how, I am allergic to pollen in Spring time. I had tried many products which had not have a long-term effect. I had to keep taking every day during Spring time. In 2011, I took two capsules for the AlleRite. My running nose problem went away within 5 minutes. For 4 years, my allergic problem have not bothered me again. Over 300 hundred of my patients were treated with this product for their pollen allergy issue. All of them were satisfied with the result. I strongly recommend people who have pollen allergy issue try this product.

Dr. Tom Xinsheng Zhou
Licensed Acupuncturist

I have type II Diabetes for years and had tried many ways to control my blood sugar level but none of them really works, until I got one bottle of DiabRite from my friend. I can feel the difference right away, I used it for one week and my blood sugars are getting lower at a steady rate. I don’t feel any discomfort and I am eating regularly. I just love this product. It really helped a lot and now my blood sugar is getting normal. It’s a great product, worth every penny of my money.

George Enrique

Rialto, CA

Managing a company with 300+ employees is surely not an easy task, but fighting with allergy simultaneously just makes it almost impossible. Thanks to AllerRite, it makes my life much easier during the allergy season. AllerRite not only help to relieve all my allergic symptoms, but also spare all the common side effects when taking other OTC allergy medicines. All my allergy symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes and severe nasal conjunction are almost gone after taking AllerRite for 3 days at 3 pills and 3 times a day. And amazingly, I don’t feel any drowsiness, dizziness and headache which are common side effects associated with other allergy medicines. I just love it and will continuously taking it but also will surely introduce this 100% natural great product to all my friends and families.

Cathy C.
Lynwood, CA